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Criminal Law

We can help you and your family with misdemeanor criminal defense.

Have you been cited, charged, or even arrested for a crime? If so, you’ll want to have Mr. Kaufman represent you in handling your case. He has the experience and wherewithal to appear on your behalf and argue your defense. He understands that facing criminal charges can be an upsetting, embarrassing, and even frightful process filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Starting with the first consultation, he’ll help you understand the charges laid against you and the options you have. Mr. Kaufman is a strong advocate for the right to be from unreasonable seizures and searches as well as your right to remain silent; if he suspects a possible constitutional violation has occurred, he’ll seek to have the case dropped or the evidence from such constitutional violations thrown out. Whether you simply want to get a fair shake from the criminal justice system or take the case to a jury, Jeffrey P. Kaufman is the attorney for you.

Mr. Kaufman handles misdemeanors and felonies involving the following charges:Jeff 2

  • driving under the influence and other driving related charges (such as driving without privileges, lack of insurance, unregistered vehicles, reckless/inattentive driving)
  • domestic violence
  • assault/battery
  • theft/embezzlement/larceny
  • possession of controlled substances
  • malicious destruction of private property
  • civil infractions
  • contempt and probation violation proceedings

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